Episode 5

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14th Jan 2023

Christian Miquel on the Startup Santa Show Hindsight 20/20

I dropped out of high school after having my oldest son early, then I went back to get my diploma . I then enrolled in business school. While studying business, I worked 7 1/2 years doing auto claims for an Insurance company. After learning lots of great knowledge, I then decided to leave after watching how they where basically eliminating claim jobs and turning them into a call centers. Being overworked and burned out, I turned into my teenage passion and went to school for barbering, right after my father passed away.One of the main reason for me starting my CM company was being a barber and going to trade shows. I started to see how hair and product company’s would make products and mass produce them. They would get the barbers and stylist to test it out and basically market for them on their social media channels and most times, give them nothing in return. So I said from that moment, I would build my own lifestyle company starting with beard oil and moisturizes. Once I launched those items, I launched apparel as well.

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